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High DA + TF Guest Posting via Newswire

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Guest Posting via News Article Submission
Guest Posting via News Article Submission

High DA + TF Guest Posting via Newswire


High DA + TF Guest Posting via Newswire (Manually Done)

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Get listed on High DA + TF Websites

Using Guest Posting via Newswire

Here are some of the high DA + Trust-flow sites that we will do a guest post for your website.

These websites have more than 600,000+ high quality referring domains and over 3Million total backlinks and counting, most of them have domain age of more than 15 years, that made them to earn Domain Authority grade of 65+, while Page Authorities varies from 55+

Guest Post on News Site (Google News + Real Traffic)

  1. NyTimes.com (DR 79)
  2. Rueters.com (DR 78)
  3. Huffingtonpost.com (DR 80)
  4. TheGuardian.com (DR 80)
  5. WSJ.com (DR 79)
  6. Wikipedia.org (DR 88)
  7. Cnet.com (DR 78)
  8. ESPN.GO.com (DR 78)
  9. LAtimes.com (DR 77)
  10. CNBC.com (DR 69)
  11. Mashable.com(DR 75)
  12. News.Yahoo.com(DR 76) … AND MANY MORE 🙂

Guest Posting Bonus Feature:

  • We will optimize your link with  “treasure map series” followed by posting tactics using posts ranks.
  • Authors are all American writers

*Trust Flow and Domain Authority stats change constantly. While we do our best to update the numbers for accuracy, they may fluctuate marginally over time. If you have a question about a current number, please message us prior to ordering.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY we have reduced the price from $500 to $350 for this incredible EXCLUSIVE Guest Post Opportunity!!

What do we need from you in order to start service?

  • 1 Keyword ( You can submit up to 3 keywords, but based on our experienced using only 1 will be more beneficial and gives a higher chance rate to get approved)
  • 1 URL
  • Email Address

*You can customize the title you want us to put as well, just provide us the TITLE and we will do the necessary optimizations in order to get listed on these High DA + Trustflow News sites. We can’t guarantee exactly that your site will rank fast since ranking on Google has several factors to be considered, but if you want to guarantee your rankings we are always suggesting to our clients to do SEO ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION and doing PRESS RELEASES on High DA Sites like ABC News, Fox News & Reuters on their sites as well, in order to maximize the potential of this service.

Delivery time: 6-8 days , manually done.


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